Upcoming public events

Upcoming Public Events

Jackie delivers Mental Health First Aid courses in Various locations throughout WA

Check for workshops dates below;

Mental Health First Aid 

29th & 30th June 2017

Livingworks Safetalk - Suicide alertness workshop 3.5 hours


to book go online at Eventbrite or email



There are very few searches (globally) for mental first aid. People are obviously searching for the generic  "first aid", whether it's physical, mental or emotional.

To engage our audience we need to first get them to land on the page, then we can guide them into the more holistic first aid content areas.

Please see the word cloud  - this shows what Google will 'see' if we use the selected 'first aid' related keywords within the site. We can overlay this with the 'cpr' related keywords. This is all designed to get search traffic from those interested in the general subject area.

In terms of general theme, I'd suggest:

First aid training courses perth wa

cpr and first aid training
(because this suggests training for people in critical situations who are more likely to be interested in holistic first aid)
corporate health and wellbeing programs*
(because this is where you will sell your services)

General strategy

get people to the site through search and social networks (keyword targets)
When they arrive, encourage them into the holistic first aid content areas
Create a prospect database to convert to business´╗┐

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