About Jackie

Jackie McRae: Graduate Diploma in Psychology. B App Sc. (Sport Science) P Grad Bio Sc. (Health Promotion) Grad Dip Ed. (Training & Development

Holistic First Aid
Training consultant and Founder · Perth, Western Australia
Mental, physical & emotional first aid.

Edith Cowan University
Previously Sessional lecturer in  Personal Health unit, as part of the Health Science area.

For over 20 years Jackie has also delivered nationally accredited first aid training with a variety of organisations including Australian Red Cross & Sports Medicine Australia & believes it is a life skill.

Jackie is also an accredited Principal Master instructor of the award winning Mental Health First Aid course developed in conjunction with  Australian National University.

Jackie has worked in many health promotion roles including road safety, sports medicine, spinal injuries and emergency management.

Voluntarily Jackie has been a telephone counsellor on a national crisis support service, & also involved with Australian Red Cross emergency services. 


Training & Development Association (TADA)  President

Association of Transactional Analysis

Sports Medicine Australia



“I've been thinking about it a lot and your advice and insights are going to remain with me for a long time!  I think what you do is totally amazing and your truly inspirational!!! Once again thank you so much. Tyler S Mental Health First Aid course

“The trainer Jackie McRae was excellent and probably one of the best I’ve experienced.  Jackie structured the training days very well with a variety of activities to keep us engaged and entertained.   I gained lots of practical skills through participation in role play and was grateful to also receive a book to take away with me for future reference should I need some guidance in the future. Mental Health First Aid participant

an exceptionally informative, practical, experience-grounded, enthusiastic, interactive, but most of all FUN!!! Presentation. The best presenter we have ever had!!" Professional development course for School teachers

“Jackie ...kept the staff enthralled with her engaging style and enthusiasm for the task. The talk was well structured. The introduction gained the audience’s attention and established a great rapport between herself and the audience. She kept us occupied with humour in a well paced and appropriately structured talk” PD presentation for private senior high school teachers

“Jackie was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed her friendly, humorous, and educational approach.
She was very well received.”
Swimming club – first aid presentation

“Jackie was helpful in demonstrating & patient in answering each person’s questions” Community group – first aid presentation

“Jackie was very good & delivered a great, tailored presentation & practical session” SDJFC

“The skills and knowledge from the information learnt from the training continues to be used with great success on a daily basis, not only for AAC employees but also the community members” AAC MHFA course

“By the way the MHFA training was a hit. I heard great feedback from the participants, not just ours. From all accounts the presenter was really good.” Community Services organisation – mental health first aid course


Physical First Aid: The emergency principles, knowledge & skills to provide initial care for illnesses & injuries to the physical body, until the arrival of medical support or the person recovers.

The aims of first aid:

  • Preserve life by keeping the victim safe & giving correct first aid
  • Protect the unconscious person who may need correct positioning or resuscitation
  • Prevent the condition worsening by giving lifesaving first aid
  • Promote recovery by controlling bleeding or giving resuscitation as required.


Mental health first aid – Mental Health First Aid is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves.

This course teaches people how to provide initial support to others experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental health illness


Emotionally intelligent first aid

How do you respond to another person’s distress? Every day people we know are faced with incidents, traumas and loss. A loved one dies, a person is involved in car crash, a natural disaster occurs, the house burns down, a severe injury or illness – trauma is different for each person. What do we say? What do we do? How we respond to them may make a difference in how they recover & resume their normal activities such as returning to work.

Emotional Intelligence is regarded as an essential element in life. Life skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving along with personal qualities such as self-esteem and motivation are critical for workforce productivity & personal effectiveness. 

Become an effective & supportive first responder.  This also means taking care of your own emotional health.

Suicide, grief, bereavement

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) – suicide first aid

Suicide is one of the most daunting human tragedies and a serious public health problem. It is estimated that suicide affects the lives of six more people, including relatives, friends and work colleagues of the deceased.

Approximately 3000 Australians die from suicide every year.

Participants in the training learn to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide and respond in ways that help increase their immediate safety and link them to further help. This training aims to enhance a caregiver’s ability to help a person at risk avoid suicide